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Thule Air Force Base

Thule Air Force Base, Greenland (part II)

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We were contracted by Jacobs Engineering for United States Army Corps of Engineers Thule Air Force Base project. Our team’s return trip included a complete laser scanning of adjacent taxiways, unpaved areas, and electrical corridors. We used Leica (C10 and HDS 7000 ) 3D laser scanners to collect topographic mapping.

The scans were registered together to complete one contiguous point cloud of the site and a report was created showing the residuals from the target registration. Survey data was generated and a topographic survey created based on the point cloud data. The project covered over 160 acres and took less than two weeks to complete. Although the weather conditions were extreme, the GLG team was able to collect all the required data accurately for this expedited timeline project.



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Thule Air Force Base, Greenland

greenlandgreenland scan.jpgWe were contracted by the Michael Baker Corporation to use laser scanning combined with conventional survey methods in order to provide complete topographic surveys for three separate projects located at Thule Air Force Base in Pituffik, Greenland for the United State Army Corps of Engineers. The project areas consisted of a 12 acre topo for a proposed dormitory site, an 18 acre topo for a consolidated services building, and a 177 acre survey of the existing air field. We used two Leica 3D laser scanners to collect over 95% of the data needed for the project. After the control, scans, and data was processed, the Great Lakes Geomatics team prepared completed digital topographic drawings along with Leica TruViews for the clients.Some of the challenges that made this project unique were the remote location, 24 hours of daylight, mosquitos, expedited timeline of work, freeze-thaw issues, and lack of existing control.



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