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Easter Island (Rapa Nui)

P1070761DSC_3574We teamed up with Autodesk and Leica Geosystems to provide 3D laser scanning and a GPS survey of Easter Island.

The project scope included laser scanning of Moai, caves, and many other archeologically significant locations. The team also prepared topographic surveys of key areas for Chile’s Corporación Nacional Forestal (CONAF) and for the Rapa Nui Historical Preservation Society. The surveys and scanning data are being used for planning infrastructure development that will be compatible with historic preservation and the continuing growth of the tourist industry.

Americans with Disabilities Act Ramps – Detroit

ada-rampsAs a subcontractor to the City of Detroit, we surveyed over 450 city street intersections during a year-long pilot project to confirm compliance of ADA Ramps in Downtown Detroit and along the Woodward Corridor from Downtowns to the Wayne State University Area.

The layouts we developed were used to rebuilt out-of-compliance ramps Laser scanning technology proved invaluable in rapidly and accurately collecting the enormous amount of spatial data required by this half-million-dollar project.

Square Lake Road – Oakland County

square-lake-roadOur experienced team conducted a Road Design Survey for MDOT covering approximately 1.5 miles of Square Lake Road from Woodward Avenue to Telegraph Road. Horizontal and vertical control was established using GPS and conventional surveying methods.

square-lake-road2All surface features were located and mapped using a combination of laser scanning, GPS, and conventional surveying. The usual errors associated with the registration of multiple laser scans were significantly reduced by including accurate survey control at each scan position, a method consistently employed by Great Lakes Geomatics to ensure high quality results. Use of laser scanning technology allowed all surveying activities to take place outside the influence of traffic.

Three Mile Island – Pennsylvania

nuclear-three-mile-islandWe were responsible for providing laser scanning services to AREVA Framatome ANP at the Number 1 Reactor Building at the Three Mile Island Nuclear Facility.

By acquiring data from over 90 scan positions throughout the 4-story facility, and controlling each of the positions with Survey control, one contiguous point cloud of the entire building was realized. The final point cloud was used by AREVA to create a complete 3D model of the facility for use in future design processes.

I-75 / I-696 Interchange – Royal Oak / Hazel Park

I75-696-interchangeWith the average traffic flow of 360,000 vehicles per day, the I-75/ I-696 Interchange is the busiest intersection in the State of Michigan. This aspect would normally give rise to various safety concerns when surveying. We, however were able to scan and provide surveys of six of the bridges that make up the intersection without any disturbance to normal traffic flow.

By using laser scanning technology we were  able to accurately collect data from over 40 separate scan positions encompassing the entire interchange without ever entering into a roadway. Mapping point data was collected by our Survey Technicians using the ‘Virtual Surveyor’ module of Leica Geosystems’ Cyclone software.




automotive-hd-scan-chryslerWe were selected by the Powertrain Division of Chrysler Corporation to participate in a pilot project for incorporating laser scanning and modeling into their existing workflows.

A 13,000 square foot production line was scanned. After completion of the scanning portion of the program the Client requested that the entire scanned portion of the line be modeled and related to in-house layout plans for comparisons.

General Motors Oshawa Assembly Plant #1

chevy_camaro240x163At the Oshawa Assembly plant 1, The existing assembly lines were modeled from the resulting point cloud data and the models were used to support major plant revisions.

The models created from over 500 individual scans aided General Motors Plant Engineers in converting the assembly lines to a “flexible manufacturing facility” for production of the new Chevrolet Camaro.

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