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Comerica Park

comerica-parkOur team was responsible for the construction layout, design build survey services, and as-built survey services for the duration of the construction of Comerica Park and the adjoining parking garage. We used many different construction survey methods and QA/QC procedures to meet the requirements of at least six different clients in the construction process. Processes varied from extremely precise and accurate steel and pre-cast layout to mass grading. We calculated and staked all caissons, piers, structural steel, pre-cast concrete floor and walls. Utilities staked included electrical, water, plumbing, and other miscellaneous items.

Other features calculated and staked were mass grading, field drainage, base locations, seating, walls, and the scoreboard. Paving features consisted of over a mile of city streets, all sidewalks, and the adjacent parking garage.
We were the prime surveyors responsible for the majority of all construction staking and as-built surveys for the duration of the project.

DTE Coke Battery

coke-batteryCoke ovens produce coke by heating coal to drive off volatile compounds. Analyzing dimensional changes in the ovens is critical to estimating and maximizing the life of the oven battery.

We employed laser scanning to capture the precise dimensions of DTE Energy’s Zug Island coke battery.The dimensional data was then analyzed to determine whether any corrective actions were necessary. In this extreme working environment, the safety and speed of laser scanning were important advantages

WDIV TV Transmitting Tower

wdiv-towerGreat Lakes Geomatics was contracted to determine the precise orientation of the WDIV television transmitting tower relative to True North and Magnetic North at that location. Laser scanning provided a precise, non-contact method for quickly and accurately determining the exact positions of the vertical portions of the tower legs, which begin over 30 feet above the ground.

Cook Composites & Polymers

cook-compositesCook Composites & Polymers (CCP) of Houston, Texas contracted our crew to provide As-Built documentation of their facility to demonstrate compliance with fire protection requirements.

The two- story chemical plant was surveyed using both a laser scanner and a total station, which allowed both floors to be accurately related and provided for a robust and complete point cloud. When the initial job was complete, CCP quickly realized the value of the 3-dimensional scan data and requested that their entire facility be scanned and modeled in 3D.

Downsville Central School

downsville-schoolOur company was contracted to do a complete high-definition scan of the Downsville Central School located in upstate New York.

The scanning included all exterior and interior features of the building: classrooms, gymnasium, cafeteria, closets, mechanical rooms, locker rooms, restrooms, storage areas, and the roof. The school had undergone multiple additions in the past and our scan provided a complete and current as-built database to support additional expansion projects.

Autodesk AEC Headquarters

autoIn 2008, we were contracted by Tocci to provide High Definition Surveying (HDS) documentation for the 58,500 sq. ft Autodesk AEC Headquarters building in Waltham, MA. The headquarters was being located in an existing building. Great Lakes Geomatics was retained to do the layout of the interior walls.The interior of the building was reduced to the columns, mechanical, electrical and plumbing.

The goal of the project was to provide an BIM foundation model from point cloud data to support the digital layout of prefabricated walls designed for the final unit conversion. The entire workflow proposed by our team was followed exactly, and proved to be a viable solution to the As-Built / Design / Build concerns found in most conversion projects of this kind.

Tocci Building Project

tocci-buildingTocci Building Companies of Woburn, MA, is a leading firm in the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC).

In 2007,we were contracted by Tocci to provide surveying and HDS documentation of a 700,000 sq. ft. building in Philadelphia, PA, that was being converted to new office space.

The goal of the project was to provide an BIM foundation model from point cloud data to support the digital layout of prefabricated walls designed for the final unit conversion. The entire workflow proposed by our team was followed exactly, and proved to be a viable solution to the As-Built / Design / Build concerns found in most conversion projects of this kind.

National Building Museum

nat buildingAs a sub-consultant for Autodesk, we used 3D laser scanning to capture an accurate and detailed as-built drawings of one of the great American buildings built in the 1800s.

Per request of US General Services Administration, the project was created to prepare an energy use study for the NBM building. The study included current energy usage and made recommendations to reduce energy use.

Laser Scanning was used to capture an accurate and detailed “as-built” of the entire building interior and exterior, which was used to prepare a 3D model. The 3D model was then used to analyze the current energy usage and make recommendations for energy efficiency improvements.

Ambassador Gateway

ambassador-bridge1We were responsible for providing boundary, topographic, utility, and bridge surveys for the redesign of the Ambassador Gateway.

This project required extensive surveys, thus we were responsible for property research, easement preparation, and establishing project boundaries and the necessary exhibits for the acquisition of properties by MDOT within the project scope.

Surveys we created were used for the rehabilitation of Fort Street from Rosa Parks Boulevard to Clark Street; the rehabilitation of West Grand Boulevard bridges over I-75 connecting to Fort Street; I-96/I-75 freeway reconstruction from the railroad bridge northeast to I-75 and northwest to I-96; construction of ramps leading I-96 and I-75 mainline freeways directly to the Ambassador Bridge; and the design of the Bagley Avenue pedestrian bridge.

Campus Martius Park

campus martiusWe were responsible for providing topographic as well as an extensive subsurface utility survey for the approximately 55 acre portion of Downtown Detroit known as Campus Martius for infrastructure redesign as well as future

porIn addition we established right-of-way locations for 14 blocks within Campus Martius, prepared Condominium Documents for the “New” Kennedy Square, and provided easement documents for the preservation of existing utilities and for future installations.

Throughout the project, we used 3D laser scanning for the topographic as well as for historic documentation of the existing conditions. Our team was also responsible for the re-establishment of the Point of Origin for the City of Detroit.


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