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Greektown Casino

greektown-casinoWe performed the as-built survey, construction staking, boundary survey, ALTA surveys, and topographic survey throughout the course of this project. We were responsible for overseeing the layout and coordinate calculations of all caissons, columns, and pre-cast walls. Our crew was also responsible for the as-built survey of over 1,000 anchor bolts and all pre-cast concrete involved the projects.

We used laser scanning in the as-built survey process in order to check the level of the poured concrete floors throughout areas of interest of the new hotel. We were in charge of establishing high accuracy and precise horizontal and vertical control networks to be used by multiple trades during construction.
Project also consisted of the layout of all underground utilities and +/-1000 feet of integral curb and gutter.

JP Morgan Chase Tier III Center

jp-morgan-chaseGreat Lakes Geomatics was responsible for the engineering documentation for this project that consisted of the as-built survey of all newly constructed features.

We used conventional survey methods to compare as-built data with respect to designed features such as storm, water, sanitary, paving, and other miscellaneous features. We also used laser scanning to as-built and determine the volumes of newly constructed overflow ponds.

Detroit Water Works Park

detroit-water-works-parkWe were the prime surveyor for multiple trades over the seven year construction of this highly complex $285M project of Detroit Water Works Parks.The project consisted of establishing and maintaining a complex horizontal and vertical control networks used in the construction process.

Our responsibilities included construction staking, as-built survey, and inventory of over 1200 piles, site utilities, one mile of construction roads and new permanent roads, and formwork for multiple trades.

Both conventional survey methods and laser scanning were used in order to as-built underground features that were not shown on existing plans and needed to be incorporated in the design build process. We were the prime site surveyors used in the QA/QC of layout performed by multiple trades.

Lottivue Riverside Woods

lottivueOur team was retained to prepare the condominium “Exhibit B” plans for this site located in Chesterfield Township in Macomb County.

This section of the complex contains 86 units on 26 acres of land. The units are duplex style homes without the duplex appearance from the curb. Each unit contains a 2-car garage, a full basement, sprawling main floor and a loft.

Indian Village Manor – Detroit

indian-villageIndian Village Manor lies on the Detroit Riverfront in the midst of Indian Village, one of Detroit’s most prestigious residential areas.

Originally constructed in 1921, the building was renovated and converted to condominiums in 1999, offering 89 residential units on seven floors. We worked closely with the project architects and engineers to produce the master deed “Exhibit B” documents for county filing.

Riverfront Towers – Detroit

riverfront-towersRiverfront Towers is a first class residential facility overlooking the Detroit River, Windsor skyline, and the Ambassador Bridge.

The 29-story Towers were completely renovated and partially converted to condominiums in 2005-07. We prepared the condominium “Exhibit B” documents for the conversion of over 280 units in Tower 200 and over 300 units in Tower 300.

Fort Shelby Hotel Condominium – Detroit

fort-shelbyOriginally built in 1916, the Fort Shelby Hotel/Apartment complex was most recently renovated in 2007-08. Great Lakes Geomatics was retained to prepare the condominium master deed “Exhibit B” documents.

Our team worked closely with the Wayne County Register of Deeds Plat Engineer to resolve unique areas of concern associated with the age and history of the building. This ensured that the recording review process moved quickly and required minimal document revisions.

MGM Casino

mgm-casinoWe were responsible for the construction calculations and staking of caissons, piers, load bearing walls, structural steel, and over 2500 pieces of pre-cast concrete involved in the Detroit MGM Casino.

Our team also calculated and staked the site utilities, storm, sanitary, water, decorative wall, site furnishings, electrical, sidewalks, and over a mile of integral curb and gutter. We worked with multiple clients and coordinated construction staking for the duration of the construction.

Ford Field

ford-fieldGreat Lakes Geomatics was asked to establish horizontal and vertical control for the site, and provide layout for the prime contractor and other on-site trades. We provided staking for mass grading, caissons, foundations, anchor bolts, steel, precast concrete, walls, statues, seating, signs, water main, sewers, plumbing, etc.

We performed as-built surveys for QA/QC of the design build portions and other purposes for the prime contractor. In addition, we were responsible for creating easements and street vacation documents for the project. Our technicians had the primary function to create a full As-Built and monitor 200 ton steel trusses that were constructed on-site to ensure they would meet design criteria.

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