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Flint 48 Mile Transmission Line

flint-transmission-lineThe project consisted of an overall base map for a 48 mile topographic survey, aerial photo control survey, and right-of-way survey for the design of a water transmission line through eight townships and two counties for the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department.

Over 200 horizontal control points and 285 benchmarks were established along the route of the project. Over 348 aerial control points were measured for the 30 flight lines needed to obtain aerial data.Read more link
Mapping information included a conventional topographic survey of all hard surfaces and utilities. Mapping also included all pertinent features, comparison measurements for aerial data, right-of-way determination data, and a digital terrain model along the route of the project.

Right-of-way surveys were performed along the route of the proposed water main. The scope of the project included property research and ownership investigation for 1400 parcels.

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