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TopographicWe know Topo! We provide topographic surveying services for use in engineering, planning, water main design, storm design, sanitary design, road design, utilities, and ALTA/ACSM projects. We’ve been doing this for a long time and we’re proud to say that we the ability to produce precise, accurate, complete, and comprehensive topographic surveys for a wide variety of clients using both conventional methods integrated with laser scanning. Our ability to apply 3D laser scanning in topographic surveying allows the following benefits:

  • Minimum Personnel Exposure to Traffic
  • Minimum Traffic Disruption or Diversion
  • Captures Extensive Existing Conditions
  • Reduces or Eliminates Site Re-visits
  • Quantity of Data Supports Robust Spatial Analysis

Our topographic surveying experience extends over a broad range of clients including private sector, the Michigan Department of Transportation, the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department, and many others. Here are a few:


Thule Air Force Base, Greenland (part II)

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We were contracted by Jacobs Engineering for United States Army Corps of Engineers Thule Air Force Base project. Our team’s return trip included a complete laser scanning of adjacent taxiways, unpaved areas, and electrical corridors. We used Leica (C10 and HDS 7000 ) 3D laser scanners to collect topographic mapping.

The scans were registered together to complete one contiguous point cloud of the site and a report was created showing the residuals from the target registration. Survey data was generated and a topographic survey created based on the point cloud data. The project covered over 160 acres and took less than two weeks to complete. Although the weather conditions were extreme, the GLG team was able to collect all the required data accurately for this expedited timeline project.



martyrunway2dave and john

Thule Air Force Base, Greenland

greenlandgreenland scan.jpgWe were contracted by the Michael Baker Corporation to use laser scanning combined with conventional survey methods in order to provide complete topographic surveys for three separate projects located at Thule Air Force Base in Pituffik, Greenland for the United State Army Corps of Engineers. The project areas consisted of a 12 acre topo for a proposed dormitory site, an 18 acre topo for a consolidated services building, and a 177 acre survey of the existing air field. We used two Leica 3D laser scanners to collect over 95% of the data needed for the project. After the control, scans, and data was processed, the Great Lakes Geomatics team prepared completed digital topographic drawings along with Leica TruViews for the clients.Some of the challenges that made this project unique were the remote location, 24 hours of daylight, mosquitos, expedited timeline of work, freeze-thaw issues, and lack of existing control.



Ambassador Gateway

ambassador-bridge1We were responsible for providing boundary, topographic, utility, and bridge surveys for the redesign of the Ambassador Gateway.

This project required extensive surveys, thus we were responsible for property research, easement preparation, and establishing project boundaries and the necessary exhibits for the acquisition of properties by MDOT within the project scope.

Surveys we created were used for the rehabilitation of Fort Street from Rosa Parks Boulevard to Clark Street; the rehabilitation of West Grand Boulevard bridges over I-75 connecting to Fort Street; I-96/I-75 freeway reconstruction from the railroad bridge northeast to I-75 and northwest to I-96; construction of ramps leading I-96 and I-75 mainline freeways directly to the Ambassador Bridge; and the design of the Bagley Avenue pedestrian bridge.

Campus Martius Park

campus martiusWe were responsible for providing topographic as well as an extensive subsurface utility survey for the approximately 55 acre portion of Downtown Detroit known as Campus Martius for infrastructure redesign as well as future

porIn addition we established right-of-way locations for 14 blocks within Campus Martius, prepared Condominium Documents for the “New” Kennedy Square, and provided easement documents for the preservation of existing utilities and for future installations.

Throughout the project, we used 3D laser scanning for the topographic as well as for historic documentation of the existing conditions. Our team was also responsible for the re-establishment of the Point of Origin for the City of Detroit.


Greektown Development

greektownWe prepared topographic and ALTA / ACSM land title surveys of the Greektown blocks in downtown Detroit.

Greektown is a famous location of Greek influenced shops, eateries, and most recently, the Greektown Casino. Our surveyors prepared legal descriptions for the transfer of land to create composite legal descriptions of the total area. We used laser scanning to obtain the topographic information for preparing the survey that was used in the Greektown Casino Construction and the Streetscape Rehabilitation project.

Detroit Upper Rouge Tunnel Project

rouge-tunnelOur company’s role was to provide the Design Team with a survey demonstrating the existing site conditions. Primary and Secondary Control Networks, aerial and conventional topographic mapping, boundary establishment and geotechnical support were all provided.

Over 300 easement documents were then created along the alignment granting DWSD subsurface drainage rights as well as construction and permanent easements at the existing outfalls and lateral alignments.

Flint 48 Mile Transmission Line

flint-transmission-lineThe project consisted of an overall base map for a 48 mile topographic survey, aerial photo control survey, and right-of-way survey for the design of a water transmission line through eight townships and two counties for the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department.

Over 200 horizontal control points and 285 benchmarks were established along the route of the project. Over 348 aerial control points were measured for the 30 flight lines needed to obtain aerial data.Read more link
Mapping information included a conventional topographic survey of all hard surfaces and utilities. Mapping also included all pertinent features, comparison measurements for aerial data, right-of-way determination data, and a digital terrain model along the route of the project.

Right-of-way surveys were performed along the route of the proposed water main. The scope of the project included property research and ownership investigation for 1400 parcels.

M-1 Light Rail Line

m1-light-railFor this project, we were contracted to perform a complete topographic design survey for the first phase of the M-1 Light Rail project covering over 3.4 miles of Woodward Avenue from Jefferson Avenue to West Grand Boulevard.

A combination of 3D laser scanning and conventional survey methods was used. Topographic features found within the project limits were collected in the office by our HDS Technicians from the point clouds.Read more link

Our team of experts also inventoried utilities from the point cloud and verified the data via field check. Some of the features located from the scan data were curb, gutter, edge of metal, lane lines, centerline of road, overhead utilities, storm, sanitary, telephone, cable, buildings, overhangs and water services.

GREAT LAKES GEOMATICS can support your project with complete land surveying, laser scanning services, and UAV (drone) services. 

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