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IndustrialGLG has provided laser scanning services to obtain point clouds for a wide variety of industrial clients.

3-Dimensional Modeling

Create multi-purpose models to support current and future applications

Facility Planning

Update facility records with actual as-built three-dimensional data to support confident planning


Capture extensive dimensions and features to document capability, compliance, or completeness.


DTE Coke Battery

coke-batteryCoke ovens produce coke by heating coal to drive off volatile compounds. Analyzing dimensional changes in the ovens is critical to estimating and maximizing the life of the oven battery.

We employed laser scanning to capture the precise dimensions of DTE Energy’s Zug Island coke battery.The dimensional data was then analyzed to determine whether any corrective actions were necessary. In this extreme working environment, the safety and speed of laser scanning were important advantages

WDIV TV Transmitting Tower

wdiv-towerGreat Lakes Geomatics was contracted to determine the precise orientation of the WDIV television transmitting tower relative to True North and Magnetic North at that location. Laser scanning provided a precise, non-contact method for quickly and accurately determining the exact positions of the vertical portions of the tower legs, which begin over 30 feet above the ground.

Cook Composites & Polymers

cook-compositesCook Composites & Polymers (CCP) of Houston, Texas contracted our crew to provide As-Built documentation of their facility to demonstrate compliance with fire protection requirements.

The two- story chemical plant was surveyed using both a laser scanner and a total station, which allowed both floors to be accurately related and provided for a robust and complete point cloud. When the initial job was complete, CCP quickly realized the value of the 3-dimensional scan data and requested that their entire facility be scanned and modeled in 3D.

Three Mile Island – Pennsylvania

nuclear-three-mile-islandWe were responsible for providing laser scanning services to AREVA Framatome ANP at the Number 1 Reactor Building at the Three Mile Island Nuclear Facility.

By acquiring data from over 90 scan positions throughout the 4-story facility, and controlling each of the positions with Survey control, one contiguous point cloud of the entire building was realized. The final point cloud was used by AREVA to create a complete 3D model of the facility for use in future design processes.

GREAT LAKES GEOMATICS can support your project with complete land surveying, laser scanning services, and UAV (drone) services. 

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