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Automotive / Manufacturing

AutomotiveOur clients in automotive and manufacturing industries use our 3D Laser Scanning Services to document and modify their facilities as well as manage their assets.

Point Clouds Can be Used To:

  • Produce 3D Models
  • Obtain Precise Dimensions
  • Create Kinematic Simulations



automotive-hd-scan-chryslerWe were selected by the Powertrain Division of Chrysler Corporation to participate in a pilot project for incorporating laser scanning and modeling into their existing workflows.

A 13,000 square foot production line was scanned. After completion of the scanning portion of the program the Client requested that the entire scanned portion of the line be modeled and related to in-house layout plans for comparisons.

General Motors Oshawa Assembly Plant #1

chevy_camaro240x163At the Oshawa Assembly plant 1, The existing assembly lines were modeled from the resulting point cloud data and the models were used to support major plant revisions.

The models created from over 500 individual scans aided General Motors Plant Engineers in converting the assembly lines to a “flexible manufacturing facility” for production of the new Chevrolet Camaro.

GREAT LAKES GEOMATICS can support your project with complete land surveying, laser scanning services, and UAV (drone) services. 

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