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Construction Staking

Construction-StakingWe use conventional surveying methods to provide our clients with affordable, precise, and accurate construction staking services. We specialize in construction calculations and layout for multiple items.

  • Column Line Control
  • Pre-cast Concrete, Steel, and Caissons
  • Storm, Sanitary, Water Main, and Utilities
  • Paving and Grading
  • Buildings and Bridges

GLG has been responsible for the construction survey services for some of the most prestigious projects in Southeastern Michigan such as Comerica Park, Ford Field, Detroit Water Works Park, Greektown Casino, MGM Casino, and Campus Martius.

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MGM Casino

mgm-casinoWe were responsible for the construction calculations and staking of caissons, piers, load bearing walls, structural steel, and over 2500 pieces of pre-cast concrete involved in the Detroit MGM Casino.

Our team also calculated and staked the site utilities, storm, sanitary, water, decorative wall, site furnishings, electrical, sidewalks, and over a mile of integral curb and gutter. We worked with multiple clients and coordinated construction staking for the duration of the construction.

Ford Field

ford-fieldGreat Lakes Geomatics was asked to establish horizontal and vertical control for the site, and provide layout for the prime contractor and other on-site trades. We provided staking for mass grading, caissons, foundations, anchor bolts, steel, precast concrete, walls, statues, seating, signs, water main, sewers, plumbing, etc.

We performed as-built surveys for QA/QC of the design build portions and other purposes for the prime contractor. In addition, we were responsible for creating easements and street vacation documents for the project. Our technicians had the primary function to create a full As-Built and monitor 200 ton steel trusses that were constructed on-site to ensure they would meet design criteria.

Comerica Park

comerica-parkOur team was responsible for the construction layout, design build survey services, and as-built survey services for the duration of the construction of Comerica Park and the adjoining parking garage. We used many different construction survey methods and QA/QC procedures to meet the requirements of at least six different clients in the construction process. Processes varied from extremely precise and accurate steel and pre-cast layout to mass grading. We calculated and staked all caissons, piers, structural steel, pre-cast concrete floor and walls. Utilities staked included electrical, water, plumbing, and other miscellaneous items.

Other features calculated and staked were mass grading, field drainage, base locations, seating, walls, and the scoreboard. Paving features consisted of over a mile of city streets, all sidewalks, and the adjacent parking garage.
We were the prime surveyors responsible for the majority of all construction staking and as-built surveys for the duration of the project.

Americans with Disabilities Act Ramps – Detroit

ada-rampsAs a subcontractor to the City of Detroit, we surveyed over 450 city street intersections during a year-long pilot project to confirm compliance of ADA Ramps in Downtown Detroit and along the Woodward Corridor from Downtowns to the Wayne State University Area.

The layouts we developed were used to rebuilt out-of-compliance ramps Laser scanning technology proved invaluable in rapidly and accurately collecting the enormous amount of spatial data required by this half-million-dollar project.

GREAT LAKES GEOMATICS can support your project with complete land surveying, laser scanning services, and UAV (drone) services. 

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